Dragon Champions: Update 1.4.64 - Coming This Week!

April 28

Greetings Сhampions! 

This update took a little longer than we expected, and there is a reason for that - not only were we busy with improving the game, creating new heroes, planning next month’s activities and squashing nasty bugs, we were hard at work on new content for you that you will see in the update after this one that is planned for early May.

We are excited to introduce a brand new mode that will be coming to the game - the Expeditions! Send your heroes on exciting journeys and challenging missions, and wait for them to come back with valuable resources and treasures.

This is the first iteration of the mode, so we are really looking forward to your feedback about it! 

A plethora of new adventures await - the further and longer the journey, the greater the rewards. They can include a variety of goods - from Gold, Gear, Scrolls, Energy and Chest Keys to valuable Herostones, Artifacts and Runes. 

You will also be able to upgrade the Expeditions level - the higher the level, the more missions with more valuable rewards will become available to you.With the first iteration of the mode you will be able to find Common, Uncommon and Rare items, and in the future we plan to add more missions with Epic and Legendary rewards.Gather your crews, meet the requirements and embark on a journey, or even several journeys at once. What treasures will your heroes bring from their Expedition? 

Stay tuned for more information about the game mode and the next update!

And here’s a full list of what’s new in the update 1.4.64:


  • New Hero - Keb&Bab (Clans, Halfpig, Fighter, Mage) - available from BBQ Season

  • BBQ Season begins May 1

  • Rawley Herostones are available from Demon Invasion Campaign 4-3, from Hero Chest and the Market

  • New Battlegrounds map

  • Added level 7 and 8 skills for Old Loor 

  • Reworked Selena skills, she’s no longer harm to her allies and herself - instead of Taunt and Invisibility she will now be giving her allies Cheat Death

  • Removed side rooms from the Tower to make your Tower runs a little easier- don’t worry, the amount of the rewards remains the same

  • Rune Store is now unlocked on level 22, and the Runes stock scales according to player’s current level - the further you advance, the better the Runes selection 

  • Improved Salvador autobattle behaviour - now he is eagerly protecting his allies and gains Taunt rather than Steel Shell under certain circumstances 

  • Changed cooldown for Sergeant Pigwald’s 3d ability on level 7. After gaining Super Shell he can still fire rockets 

  • Temporarily removed the ‘Link Facebook’ button to prevent you from accidentally losing access to your profile while we are resolving the Facebook issue.
    As soon as the issue is resolved, we will bring the button back.
    In the meantime we recommend that you link Google Play or Game Center profile to your in-game account and reach out to us in case of trouble

  • New Puncherface and Boreas hero models

  • Replaced a lot of abilities sound effects and fixed some errors in them. Looking forward to hearing your feedback about the new and improved sound effects! 


  • Fixed auto defence in the Battlegrounds

  • Fixed Niya’s 2nd skill

  • Fixed Salvador’s 1st and 2nd skill - they are now working as intended

  • Brought ‘Brawls - Coming soon’ tile back to the main menu - now they Tower tile is again easily available

  • Fixed the error that sometimes occurred by tapping Home from hero lobby 

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