Dragon Champions: Update 1.3.20 - Coming Next Week!

October 23

The Pumpkin Hallowdays are upon us, champions! Are you ready?
Take part in festive activities, earn special currency and shop for treats in the special Shop this hallowed season!
Two special events and a festive 7-day bonus activity will be going during that time - get a chance to receive Radash herostones, Cruelle herostones, and much more!
During Pumpkin Hallowdays - starting October 30 until November 6 - you will receive a special holiday currency as a reward from:
- Daily Quests;
- Tower;
- Guild Raids;
You can also receive Pumpcoins from certain offers and events as well.
You can use this currency to purchase awesome and useful goodies from a Hallowdays Store. The Store will only be available for a limited time - October 30 until November 7 - so don’t forget to spend all your currency before the time is up, or it will turn into a pumpkin! Poof!
You won’t be able to refresh the Shop for Dracoins, but it will be refreshed every 24 hours. Make sure to drop by everyday!
A special festive Tournament, “Suicide Squad”, will take place from October 31 to November 3.
*Pumpcoins distribution stops on November 6 at 23:59:59 UTC, and the Pumpkin Shop shuts down on November 7 at 23:59:59 UTC.
Here’s what’s new in the update 1.3.20:
  • 🎃Pumpkin Hallowdays special event from October 30 to November 6 - take part in holiday activities, get special currency and get cool items from a holiday store!
  • 🎃New hero - Radash - Order, Demon, Mage
  • 🎃Special 7-days log-in bonus during the Hallowdays - get Radash herostones and Runes
  • 🎃Two holiday events - get Radash herostones and Cruelle herostones for participating in the events
  • 🎃A special Pumpkin Hallowdays Tournament, Suicide Squad, begins on October 31st at 18:00 UTC - get Radash herostones as stage rewards!
  • 🎃Redesigned and decorated for the Pumpkin Hallowdays the character lobby and battle locations
  • The Season of Rockets beings November 1
  • New hero - Arno - Clans, Goblin, Tank - available from Season of Rockets and the Arno’s Chest
  • Added Tournament Medals to the game - you will get a medal as a reward for performing well in the Tournaments - show off your prestige! Later these medals will be used to determine your rating
  • You can now get Zalanar herostones on stages 4, 6, 8, 10 (used to be 7, 8, 9, 10) of the Tournaments
  • Added new personal hero Challenges for the most experienced champions. 2 challenges per hero, for the majority of the heroes except the Legendary and the Battlepass ones (the rest will be added shortly, later in November).
For completing these challenges you will receive the last items required to take heroes gear level to G12. You can access these challenges by tapping the 6th item of G11 on a hero.
  • If the defence wasn’t set during the Defence phase in the Battlegrounds, it will be placed automatically - that way you get a chance to battle and get a decent amount of points even if your opponent has decided not to play. There is also a new button that lets you automatically assign the defence you’ve used in the previous match
  • You can now increase your Artifacts storage bag up to 250 slots
  • New models for the Season and Tournament Chests
  • New lobby for Order and Clans heroes
  • Thanessa is now available in the game as a Heroic Chest exclusive
  • Reworked some good old heroes - Old Loor, Sergeant Pigwald, Doctor Frank, Kaira, Xantara, Venomate, Megawheel, Slinger, Shadar, and rebalanced some heroes gear items
  • Legendary gear items have more stats now
  • Bug fixes and optimization
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed the Battlegrounds red marker
  • Fixed Raid, Guild and Tournament achievements
  • Fixed the issue when closing the game in the middle of the Tournament battle didn’t count as loss
Balance Changes
As the Dragon Champions family continues to grow and we add more and more heroes to the roster, we carry on giving our older familiar heroes some love and a bit of rework so they work better together, and you can see the tweaks in heroes' balance, as well as some items they have in their gear in this update.
Here are the reworked heroes:
Old Loor
Left Hook (Basic ability):
Deals 260% of Physical Damage to an enemy. A Dazed target will receive 340% of Physical Damage and Slow for 2 turns instead
Hatred for Nature (Passive ability)
Deals 50% more Crit Damage and additional 20% for each living elf in the enemy's party. If there is Doctor Frank among allies, restores shield equal to 30% of the damage dealt on a critical hit (added synergy with Doctor Frank, used to be: Deals 30% more Crit Damage for each living elf in the enemy's party)
Sergeant Pigwald
Pig Shot (Basic Ability)
Deals 250% of Physical Damage to an enemy. If the target is below 50% Health, deals 310% of Physical Damage instead. Calls Arno to assist if he's alive (added synergy with Arno)
Lock'n'Load! (2 ability, cooldown 1/2, used to be 0/2)
Sergeant Pigwald gains Charge that increases the damage of his next attack by 2.35 times. Guaranteed to deal a critical hit. This effect cannot be prevented or removed. Using this ability with Charge recovers 50% of the turn meter (used to be: Sergeant Pigwald gains Charge for 2 turns, increasing damage by 3 times. This effect cannot be prevented or removed)
Doctor Frank
Emergency Call (Passive ability)
If a goblin ally attacks an enemy with Shock, another random goblin will be called to assist. If the attacker is Doctor Frank or Old Loor, 2 random goblins will be called to assist. This effect can work once per turn (added synergy with Old Loor)
Go Dark! (3 ability, cooldown 3/4)
Applies Invisibility to herself and all mages for 2 turns. Applies Counterattack to all allied defenders for 2 turns. If Venomate is on the battlefield, he receives both these effects. Restores 25% of the turn meter to all allies except defenders (used to be - Applies Invisibility to all healers, tacticians, and fighters for 2 turns. Applies Counterattack to all allied defenders for 2 turns. Restores 25% of the turn meter to all allies. If Venomate is on the battlefield, he gains Haste for 2 turns)
Surprise Attack (Passive ability)
Invisible Kaira increases Damage by 25% and Potency by 25%. If Venomate is in the party, he receives the same buffs (used to be When Kaira is Invisible, her attacks deal 30% more damage)
What's Your Poison? (3 ability, cooldown 1/4)
Applies a Crit Damage Increase, Haste, and a Crit Chance Increase to an ally for 2 turns. Restores 75% of the ally's turn meter - unlike previously, he can now choose himself as a target, and applies Haste instead of Counterattack.
Sacrifice (2 ability, cooldown 3/4)
Xantara sacrifices 25% of her Health to heal all allies by 500% of her Magic Damage. Gains a shield equal to 5% of her maximum Health for each living demon in the party
Kiss of Death (3 ability, cooldown 3/4)
Deals 330% of Magic Damage to an enemy and recovers the same amount of Health to herself and Megawheel (added synergy with Megawheel)
A debuff Pain has been replaced by a new unique buff - Torture
Torture: Megawheel gets +5% Armor and +5% Tenacity.
Get 'Em! (Basic Ability)
Deals 230% of Physical Damage to an enemy. Deals an extra 10% of Physical Damage for each stack of Torture. If Megawheel has the lowest Health of the party, calls Xantara to assist if she's alive (used to be: Applies 1 stack of Pain for 5 turns + added synergy with Xantara)
Hit Me! (2 ability, cooldown 3/3, used to be 2/3)
Removes 2 debuffs. Gains Taunt and Torture for 2 turns. Gains a shield equal to 15% of maximum Health (used to be Gains Taunt and Cheat Death for 2 turns. Removes 2 debuffs. Recovers 25% Health)
You Call That a Hit? (3 ability, cooldown 4/5)
Deals 220% of Physical Damage to all enemies. Deals an extra 25% of Physical Damage for each stack of Torture (used to be: Removes all stacks of Pain from them. Deals an extra 50% of Physical Damage for each stack of Pain removed)
Tortures of the Damned (Passive ability)
Gains 1 Torture for 3 turns upon taking critical damage or Xantara's healing. A 30% chance to gain 1 additional stack (used to be: Increases Crit Chance by 6% for each living demon in the party)
Little Slingshot (2 ability, cooldown 2/3)
Deals 370% of Physical Damage to an enemy. Critical hit removes 1 buff (used to be: Inflicts a Damage Decrease for 2 turns)
Cannonball (3 ability, cooldown 2/4)
Deals 250% of Physical Damage to all enemies. This attack deals 40% more Critical Damage to enemies with Taunt (used to be: Critical hits remove 1 buff)
Added synergy with Radash:
Power of Earth (2 ability, cooldown 3/4)
Deals 460% of Magic Damage to an enemy. Stuns the target for 1 turn. Calls Radash to assist if he is on the battlefield
Bookworm (Passive ability)
Increases Magic Damage by 10% for each living demon in the party. If Radash is on the battlefield, he receives the same buff
Sacred Knowledge (Leadership ability)
Increases the Potency of all allied mages by 20%. All allied demons have a 80% chance to apply Slow for 1 turn when inflicting a debuff on the enemy. If the enemy is already Slow, the ally recovers 25% of their turn meter, but only once per turn (used to be: Increases the Life Steal of all allied demons by 20%. A 30% chance to apply Slow for 2 turns when inflicting a debuff on the enemy)
New heroes:
Radash - Oder, Demon, Mage
Blistering Cold (Basic Ability)
Deals 260% of Magic Damage to an enemy. A 75% chance to inflict Slow and Burning for 2 turns
Ice fire (2 ability, cooldown 2/3)
Deals 220% of Magic Damage to all enemies. If the target is Slow, inflicts Burning for 2 turns
Trick and Treat (3 ability, cooldown 1/3)
Removes all debuffs and applies them to random enemies for the same duration. Heals himself by 200% of his Magic Damage. Radash and Shadar recover 40% of their turn meter
Heat Absorption (Passive ability)
Gains 5% Life Steal and 3 Speed for each Slow enemy. If Shadar is in the party, he receives the same buff
Arno - Clans, Goblin, Defender
Piercing Projectile (Basic ability)
Deals 260% Physical Damage to an enemy. If the target's Health is above 50%, half the damage from this attack penetrates their shield. A 60% chance to apply Accuracy Increase to all allied goblin rangers for 1 turn, if this ability deals damage
Demolition Salvo (2 ability, cooldown 2/4)
Shoots 4 rockets at enemies, each dealing 160% of Physical Damage. Each subsequent rocket to the same target has 80% chance to inflict Healing Block for 2 turns
Risk Your Neck! (3 ability, cooldown 3/3)
Gains Taunt for 2 turns. Recovers 5% Health for each living goblin in the party. Inflicts an Armor Decrease for 2 turns to enemies with Healing Block. Sergeant Pigwald recovers 5% of his turn meter for each living goblin in the party, if he is on the battlefield
Teamwork (Passive ability)
If there is more than one goblin in the party, Arno sacrifices 20% of his current Health at the start of the turn to give all ally goblins a shield equal to 40% of sacrificed Health. Healing received by Arno gives all ally goblins a shield equal to 30% of the Health healed. When the battle starts, Arno and all allied goblin rangers receive Haste for 2 turns
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