Dragon Champions: Update 1.3.0 - Lots of Content Coming Next Week!

September 25

Greetings, champions! It’s almost there — the big content update is coming to the stores next week. We are happy to present to you the reworked Battlegrounds, new Tournaments, new gear level and items, as well as some new heroes (plus rebalanced old ones), improved and more precise power calculation formula. And that’s not all — September 30 is our first anniversary, so you are welcome to take part in a special Tournament, special Event and treat yourself to presents. We have also planned a surprise, so please stay tuned!

What’s new:

  • Reworked Battlegrounds
  • Reworked Tournaments
  • New Hero — Zalanar (Clans, Orc, Fighter, Mage) — available exclusively from the new Tournaments
  • New achievements and rewards for them have been added to the game - perhaps you already have unlocked some - don’t forget to pick up a lot of cool rewards!
  • New power calculation formula - worry not, we didn’t change heroes’ stats, but we did change the formula how the total power is calculated and now it demonstrates heroes’ actual power with more precision
  • Added two more slots with Artifact Keys and Artifact Upgrade Keys to the Star Shop
  • New special event Runic Knowledge that will help you get to know more about the Runes, and will bring you some sweet rewards as well
  • Updated the reward for Complete All Daily Quests quest - now players of level 60 and above will receive 50 Artifact Keys instead of 5 Korkrim herostones
  • New Gear items - each hero can equip 5 more items on G11, and there are 20 new legendary items that can be found in campaign, Guild Raid T8, Tournaments at level 80, some events, and in a special Gear XI Chest and a special Shop that refreshes once a week (no additional refreshes available)
  • The 1-year anniversary celebration begins September 30 — take part in the special tournament, event, collect rewards and be ready for a surprise!
  • Season of Nature begins October 1st
  • New Hero — Titania (Order, Elf, Defender) available from Season of Nature and a special Season Chest
  • Thalanne has received a brand new hero model
Bug Fixes:
  • You are now able to open a chest that’s expired if you have keys for it (e.g. Season Chest, Event Race Chest)

Balance changes:

In this update we not only wanted to introduce some new content, but to touch some balancing issues as well.
We’ve followed your feedback about Buff and the current meta in the game. Like you, we really want to bring meta diversity back, as well as to give those who don’t have Buff a chance against current Arena meta teams.
That’s why we are introducing some more balance changes to Buff, as well as tweaks to some good old heroes in the elves faction. This way the Elves can be another cool and synergetic team for the Battlegrounds.We can’t wait to see what team compositions you come up with after these changes, and hope to see a lot of new builds on the Arena, Battlegrounds and beyond.
Dice Throw (2 ability, cooldown 2/4 - used to be 3/4)
Applies 8 buffs to random allies and inflicts 8 debuffs on random enemies.
Possible buffs: Damage Increase, Armor Increase, Haste, Dodge Increase, Accuracy Increase, Potency Increase, Tenacity Increase, Crit Chance Increase, Crit Damage Increase, Invisibility, Counterattack, Cheat Death, Debuff Immunity for 2 turns.
Possible debuffs: Damage Decrease, Armor Decrease, Slow, Potency Decrease, Tenacity Decrease, Daze, Healing Block, Buff Immunity for 2 turns or Blindness, Ability Block for 1turn (used to be Ability Block for 2 turns)
We are Legion (Leadership Ability)
Increases the Speed of all allied demons by 15 (used to be 30) and their Tenacity by 30%. A 33% chance to decrease the target's turn meter by 16.66% when attacking
Star Orb (3d ability, cooldown 3/4)
Deals 350% of Magic Damage to an enemy. Heals the ally with the lowest Health by 145% of Alyria's Magic Damage. Upon landing a critical hit, applies 2 stacks of Regeneration to the ally for 2 turns (used to be ‘Heals the ally with the lowers health by 50% of the damage dealt’)
Force of Nature (Passive Ability)
Increases Magic Damage by 25% and an additional 5% for each living elf in the party. If Faelia is on the battlefield, she receives the same buff (added synergy with Faelia)
Sunshine (Basic Ability)
Deals 190% of Magic Damage to an enemy. Inflicts Blindness for 1 turn (used to inflict Burning for 2 turns)
Nature’s Wisdom (Passive Ability)
Increases Magic Damage by10% for each stack of Regeneration on allies. If Faelia is an ally, at the end of his turn, Senjiel applies Regeneration to her for 3 turns (added synergy with Faelia)
Invoking The Moon (Leadership Ability)
The Accuracy of all allied elves increases by 20%. They have a 20% chance to remove 1 buff for each living mage or healer in the party. Removes 2 buffs instead on a critical hit (used to be Upon landing a critical hit, allied elves recover 10% of their maximum health. Upon landing a fatal blow, allied elves recover 25% of their maximum health)
Woodland Might (Passive Ability)
Increases Magic Damage by 20%. When the battle starts, Faelia receives 1 Regeneration for 2 turns for each defender or healer in the party. If Senjeil is an ally, 100% of healing from Regeneration above maximum Health will be converted to Shield
(used to be If Alyria is an ally, Faelia’s Magic Damage increases by additional 5%. If Senjiel is an ally, Faelia’s Magic Damage increases by an additional 5%)
Poison Vial (Basic Ability)
Deals 200% of Magic Damage to an enemy. Poisons the target for 2 turns (used to be 2 stacks of Poison)

New heroes:

Zalanar (Clans, Orc, Fighter, Mage)

Elemental Strike (Basic Ability)
Deals 280% Magic Damage to an enemy. Deals an additional 25% Magic Damage for each living totem in the party
Chain lightning (2 Ability, Cooldown 1/3)
Deals 220% Magic Damage to an enemy, then chains to 4 random enemies, dealing 200%, 180%, 160% and 140% Magic Damage. A 50% chance to inflict a Tenacity Decrease for 2 turns. A 25% chance to repeat this attack
Totem of the day (3 Ability, Cooldown 1/3)
Summons 1 random air, earth, fire or water totem with 50% health, 50% shield, and 60% Zalanar damage. The totem gains 100% turn meter. Only one totem of each element can be summoned at a time. If Mortha and Korkhrim are in the party, summons 1 more random totem
Shamanic wisdom (Passive Ability)
Increases Health, Shield, Armor, Crit Chance, Crit Damage and Speed by 10%. If Mortha or Korkhrim are on the battlefield, they receive the same buffs

Titania (Order, Elf, Defender)

Blood spear (Basic Ability)
Deals 220% Physical Damage to an enemy. Gains Dodge Increase for 1 turn. Inflicts Bleeding for 2 turn upon landing a critical hit
Wild Hunt (2 Ability, cooldown 2/3)
Deals 330% Physical Damage to an enemy. A 20% chance for each living elf in the party to call a random elf to assist. If the target is Bleeding, applies an Ability Block for 2 turns
Bait (3 Ability, cool down 3/3)
Removes 1 debuff from herself, allied healers and mages. Gains Taunt, Cheat Death and Counterattack for 2 turns
Guardian of the Grove (Passive Ability)
Increases Dodge by 5% for each living healer or mage in the party, twice more for elf healers and elf mages. If there is no Taunt on Titania, then every time an allied healer or mage takes damage, she recovers 5% of the turn meter, twice more for elf healers and elf mages
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