Update 1.2.0: Introducing Battlegrounds and Artifacts - coming soon!

July 2

Greetings, Сhampions!
We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Battlegrounds - a brand new game mode - are finally here! Jump into awesome 1 vs 1 battles, or gather your friends and guild mates for 3 vs 3, build your best teams and put your strongest heroes to the test in this fascinating and challenging experience. And that’s not all.
Along with the Battlegrounds we are welcoming a new addition to Dragon Champions — the Artifacts — special items that hold unique power, can be placed on a hero to customize their abilities and enhance heroes in a battle. There are many Artifacts to be discovered in Korador, and even more are coming in the future. We cannot wait for you to try them out, play around and do some theorycrafting!
  • New PvP game mode - Battlegrounds! Fight 1 vs 1 battles with friends and guild mates (3 vs 3 is coming soon)
  • A new addition - Battlegrounds Shop - exchange your Battlegrounds currency for rare herostones, such as of Zerra’s, and various Artifacts
  • Introducing Artifacts - a new type of items designed to customize your heroes and amplify their power - 100 Artifacts are available at launch as a reward at Battlegrounds, in Battlegrounds Shop, and inside Artifacts Chests
  • Faelia, Major Shott, Freezard and Darian’s hero models got a makeover.
  • Tournament tickets refresh each 1.5 hours instead of 1 hour so that you can take a break for 7.5 hours for a healthy sleep 😉
  • Added a 24-hour option to the Guild Raid registration settings
Bug Fixes:
  • Red markers for Guild Raid registration and Guild Raid start were fixed
  • Notifications for Tournaments registration were fixed
We are going to publish more detailed info about the Battlegrounds and Artifacts really soon, so please stay tuned to the announcements!
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