Dragon Champions: Patch Notes ver. 1.1.164

May 29

Hello Champions!
In this week’s update we’ve added a long awaited inactive guild leader rights transfer - now if the guild leader’s been inactive for a while you don’t need to form a new guild. We have also reworked the hero power formula, added a new premium feature with which you no longer need autobattle tickets, added a setting to turn off the vibration, improved team presets interface and added a couple of other new features.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1.164:
  • Korador welcomes a new hero - Kirri - Clans, Demon, Defender, Dragon Slayer - available from Season of the Claws
  • Season of the Claws - starting from June 1st
  • Introducing a new premium feature with which autobattle tickets are no longer required - all existing tickets will be converted to Dracoins
  • Improved team presets interface - you can now rename and delete them
  • If the guild leader has been inactive for 5 days, his rights are transferred to the officer or a guild member with the highest total power
  • Added a couple of new achievements for joining our Discord and subscribing to our Subreddit
  • The ‘Mighty Frostmage’ personal event now lasts for 2 weeks
  • Added story dialogue translation for French, German and Korean languages
  • Changed characters power formula - now it demonstrates characters’ actual power more clearly
  • New cool character models for ATOM and Xantara
  • Per players’ requests - added an option to turn the device vibration off - you can now do this in the game settings
Balance Changes:
  • Blade Flurry (3nd Ability):
    Cooldown 2/4 (used to be 1/4)
    Deals 270% of Physical Damage to all enemies. If all enemies receive damage, influcts and Ability Block on them for 1 turn.
  • Secret Leader (Leadership Ability)
    Increases the Crit Chance of all allied elves by 30%, recovers 15% (used to be 10%) of their turn meter upon landing a critical hit, and has a 50% chance to restore 1 turn to a random ability.

Kirri (Clans, Demon, Defender, Dragon Slayer)
Unhelping hand
(Basic Ability)
Deals 260% of Physical Damage to an enemy. 50%chance to inflict Healing Block for 2 turns. If target is afflicted by Healing Block, they are affected by Bleeding for 2 turns
Smashing hurricane
(2nd Ability - Cooldown 2/4)
Deals 240% of Physical Damage to all enemies. Recovers health equal to 50% of the damage dealt. A 50% chance to decrease their turn meter by 15%. If enemy Slowed, decrease their turn meter 2 times more
You can do better!
(3d Ability - Cooldown 3/3)
Gains Taunt and Armor Increase for 2 turns. Recovers 10% of the turn meter for each living demon in the party. Recovers shield equal 20% of the maximum health
(Passive Ability)
Recovers 15% of the turn meter for each hit received. Recovers 10%of the shield for each counterattack
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