Patch Notes 1.2.8 - Battlegrounds Tweaks and Other Fixes and Improvements

July 13

Greetings, Champions!
Thank you all for providing constructive feedback about our newest additions to the game - the Battlegrounds Beta and the Artifacts. We have been listening to it closely, reading all your messages carefully, taking your suggestions and concerns into consideration and coming up with different ways how we can improve your player experience. Thank you for taking an active part in conversation about the BG, this really helps us to understand what we did wrong, and what could be done better.
We have realized that the Battlegrounds Beta gameplay turned out to be different from what you are used to in Dragon Champions.
We want to ensure that this is a fun and pleasant experience for you, and certainly not a stressful one.

Based on your response and feedback, we are going to introduce some changes to make the Battlegrounds more tactical and turn-based rather than realtime. We are going to share the exact details about these changes a little bit later, so please stay tuned.
Some of you were also asking if the Artifacts or the Artifact Keys are going to become available in other game modes - and the answer is yes, we are going to introduce new special Tournaments, recurring events and perhaps you will see Artifacts among T8 Guild Raid rewards as well.
This week we are releasing an update with bug fixes for the Battlegrounds, a change to the Battlegrounds scoring - you will no longer be losing many points for the defeat, and other tweaks and fixes.
Here’s what’s new in 1.2.8:
  • Lowered the number of points deducted after defeat in the Battlegrounds
  • 3 vs 3 matches were added to the Battlegrounds
  • Wonder Lula and Erochar’s hero models got a makeover
  • Fixed errors that occured in the Battlegrounds
  • Minor fixes and improvements
Balance Changes:
  • Tweaked Mor’Doom’s 2nd ability Magic and Monsters (cooldown 4/4):
Summons 2 demon henchmen with 50% of Mor’Doom’s Health, 50% of Mor’Dooms Shield and 80% of his damage
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