Dragon Champions: Patch Notes 1.2.33 - coming this week!

August 16

  • Solius’ Mystery is now a permanent event for everyone who doesn’t have him at 7 stars
  • Azinar’s Champions (Bonus event for the Orcs) will begin a bit later
  • All other 6 legendary events will have only a week long gap between them from now on
  • Redesigned the Rune Store: there are 18 slots now, no Green or Grey Runes are going to appear there, only Blue 4* and Purple 3-4*
  • Tweaked Artifact Upgrade Chests and improved their drop chances
  • An Ability Chest with Ability Scrolls is now available in the game
  • You can now purchase Tournament Packs with Dracoins
  • Alyria, Mor’Doom and his imps, and Megawheel hero models have received a little makeover
  • Added voiceover for the first chapter of Order Campaign
  • Tidied up the offers in the Bank, they are now more structured
  • Kirri and Roxy Herostones are now available from Battlegrounds Shop
  • Redesigned the beginning of the game and tutorial missions to make the start of the game more comfortable for the new coming champions
  • Redesigned and improved the Victory/Defeat pop-up and added cool special effects for it
  • Removed Missions from the game, and are working on new activities and achievements for the future updates
Balance changes:
  • Buff: Dice Throw (cooldown 3/4)
Applies 8 buffs to random allies and inflicts 8 debuffs on random enemies.
Possible buffs: Damage Increase, Armor Increase, Haste, Dodge Increase, Accuracy Increase, Potency Increase, Tenacity Increase, Crit Chance Increase, Crit Damage Increase, Taunt, Invisibility, Counterattack, Cheat Death, Debuff Immunity for 2 turns.
Possible debuffs: Damage Decrease, Armor Decrease, Slow, Potency Decrease, Tenacity Decrease, Ability Block, Blindness, Daze, Healing Block, Buff Immunity for 2 turns, or Stun and Blindness for 1 turn (used to be Blindness for 2 turns).
  • Mor’Doom - Magic and Monsters (cooldown 4/4)
Summons 2 imp henchmen with 50% of Mor'Doom's Health and 80% of his damage (new tag - Imp)
  • Don’t Mess With the Inferno! (Passive ability)
Gains 10% Tenacity and 10% Potency for each living imp in the party, and 5% Tenacity and 5% Potency for each living demon in the party
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