Dragon Champions Patch Notes ver. 1.1.155

May 11

Hello champions! In this week’s update we introduce the long awaited team presets feature - now you can preset team for various game modes, highly requested tweaks to autobattle AI, added a first set of new languages (ja, oui, 예!) to the game, along with some important fixes and new features. Here’s what’s new in update 1.1.154:
  • Added highly requested team presets feature - you can now preset up to 15 team compositions
  • Korador welcomes a new hero - Doctor Frank (available from Special offer, Special event and Campaign: Order 8-12)
  • Added in-game news
  • Rin the Unseen herostones are now available in Tournament Shop
  • Added new languages to the game - French, German, Korean. You can change your preferred language in the game settings
  • Auto Battle AI will now prioritize heroes over summoned creatures
  • Summoned creatures no longer have class tags, only race and faction (Battlepooh is no longer a defender, Red is no longer a mage, Green is no longer a healer, and Poom is no longer a warrior)
  • We continue improving and enhancing the game graphics - in this update Venomate and Maar models got a makeover
  • Fixed Slinger’s leadership ability
  • Fixed the Unknown error that occurred when leaving the battle in the middle of attack animation
Doctor Frank (Clans, Goblin, Healer)
Electric Shock
(1st ability)
Deals 220% of Magic Damage to an enemy. Inflicts Shock for 2 turns. If target is afflicted by Shock, they are affected by Daze for 2 turns
Iron Them Flat!
(2nd ability, cooldown 3/3)
Deals 300% of Magic Damage to all enemies and inflicts Shock for 2 turns.
Healing Charge
(3d ability, cooldown 3/4)
Restores 350% of Doctor Frank's Magic Damage to shields of all allies. Restores Health to all allies equivalent to 50% of the restored shield
Emergency Call
(Passive ability)
If a goblin ally attacks an enemy with Shock, another random goblin will be called to assist. If the attacker is Doctor Frank, 2 random goblins will be called to assist. This effect can work once per turn
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