Dragon Champions: Update 1.5.64 - More Artifacts, Abilities and Events!

May 30

Greetings, Сhampions!

This update brings 8th skill levels to 21 heroes, two brand new Artifacts for Garret and Tomby, a brand new event later this month, and a bunch of fixes for heroes abilities.

Besides adding new features for the experienced players, we continue working on improving the new player experience as well, polishing our tutorial missions to provide the best onboarding for the new champions.

Also, there are a couple of tech-side improvements in this build - we have reduced the number of pop-up offers at the start of the game, and improved the overall stability and performance.

Last, but definitely not the least — we have developed a brand new regular event that will put your heroes and strategy skills to the test - coming really soon, so stay tuned and get your champions ready!

Here’s a full list of changes in the update 1.5.64:


  • Introducing 2 brand new Artifacts:
    Guardian's Bracer designed for Garrett— available from Season of Solstice starting June 1st
    Cat Toy designed for Tomby— available later this June

  • Season of Solstice begins June 1st

  • Added a brand new regular event that will put your teams and battle skills to test, and also get you great rewards for completion!

  • Added new 8th skill levels to 21 heroes

  • Improved new player experience and updated the tutorial mission

  • Improved user interface for the battle requirements

  • Reduced the number of offer pop ups at the launch of the game

Bug fixes and optimization:

  • Fixed an error that occurred when upgrading Chicko

  • Fixed a daily Arena quest that generated for players of level 25

  • Fixed Mara’s 2nd ability description, her Burning stacks last for 2 turns

  • Fixed Wukong’s 3rd ability - now all his copies receive Shield, as designed

  • Fixed Ace & Sin’s basic ability - now they apply the correct number of Poison stacks

  • Fixed Uncle Ho’s 3rd ability - now he restores ability cooldowns to Hilda, as intended

  • Fixed Roxy’s 2nd ability and General Murdock’s Leadership ability descriptions

  • Other small fixes and improvements

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