Dragon Champions: Update 1.4.99 - Coming This Week

July 13

Greetings, Сhampions!

In this update we bring more playable content for you to enjoy - the new challenges 17 and 18. Put your heroes and skills to test, and be one of the first champions to beat the new levels! 

We are constantly working on improving and refreshing our existent content as well.This time we are giving more love and loot to the classical Campaigns - well, completing a certain act, or a whole campaign is quite a big deal worthy of a special reward, isn’t it? 

That’s what we also thought, and thus added prizes for reaching these milestones - Herostones, Runes, Crystals, Scrolls, Gold, and more!Those who have completed the campaign will get Wukong herostones as a reward 🐵

Besides that, we bring a number of changes for the Runes. We optimized the Rune menu based on your feedback and reports. We also gave some love to the Rune Campaign, and hope that you enjoy the new Chapter as well as new improved reward drops. 

Plus, we are introducing the new 6 star Runes and an all new Rune Chest.

Another batch of heroes is getting abilities levels 7 and 8, and we continue implementing improvements to user interface, balance, and other quality of life fixes.

Here is a full list of what’s new in the update 1.4.99:


  • Added new 17 and 18 levels of Challenges for you to complete

  • New rewards for reaching Campaign milestones 

  • Selena, Maar, Zalanar, Mortha, Kelrian, Lake, Yogi and Tromgar have received ability levels 7 and 8 

  • Rune Campaign - improved reward drops, added new Chapter for you to complete

  • New Rune Chest is now available in the gameNew 6 star Runes - now available from the Rune chests

  • Experience Chest has been removed from the game, and the Experience Chest Keys have been converted to Rare Crystal Shards

  • New Human faction battling location background

  • Changed the rewards for the Challenge of Reason - conqueror’s blade have been replaced with diadems of flame on all levels

  • Changed the rewards for the Honing your Skills Challenge: green scrolls have been replaced with one blue and one purple

Bug Fixes and Optimizations:

  • Optimized Runes menu performance

  • Improved Runes menu UI, you can now turn  sorting by Rune word off, or keep it by default settings

  • Improved Summoning Heroes menu, added more information about how many herostones you are getting

  • Other small fixes and improvements 

Other changes you can read on our Reddit.

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