Dragon Champions: Update 1.4.66 - Coming This Week!

May 5

Greetings Champions!

As promised, this week we are happy to present the update with the Expeditions - a new game mode we have announced to you last week. 

We really hope that you appreciate and enjoy the new addition to the game and make the most of it. And of course, we are really looking forward to hearing your feedback on the Expeditions. 

Besides that we have returned the lost Rantha’s portrait to the back of Tromgar’s shield and rebalanced early missions in the Campaign so that they’re more fun and dynamic for new champions.

Here’s what’s new in the update 1.4.66 that is coming this week:

  • New game mode - Expeditions - gather your crew and send your heroes on exciting missions that vary by duration and rarity, explore various regions of Korador, and wait for them to come back to you with rewards 

  • Rebalanced starter missions in the Campaign 

  • Rantha’s portrait is back on Tromgar’s shield

  • Small fixes and improvements

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