Dragon Champions: Update 1.4.102 - coming this week!

July 29

Greetings Сhampions!

This week we’re releasing a small update mostly with under the hood improvements and upgrades so the game looks and runs smoother. Besides that, we are preparing for next month's Battlepass Season, activities and events, so be on the lookout for new things to take part in. Also, we are introducing several new heroes, new ability levels for Cruelle and some quality of life fixes. 

Here’s what’s new in the update 1.4.102:


  • New hero Mara - (Order, Human, Rogue, Mentor, Epic) available from Season of Ash starting from August 1st

  • Garn - (Clans, Orc, Ranger, Explorer, Legendary) - available in the game soon

  • Nelly - (Order, Dwarf, Mage, Traveller, Leader, Epic) - available in the game soon

  • 7 and 8 ability levels for Cruelle

  • Various visual improvements 

  • You can now fix the camera at preferred angle when in battle 

  • You can now purchase missing parts items with Dracoins 

  • Improvements for levelling heroes up - it’s more comprehensive now, in case you miss some resources

  • Other small fixes and improvements

Balance Changes:


Bound by Shadows (Passive Ability):

Cruelle has a 50% chance to gain Invisibility for all allied mages for 1 turn at the end of her turn. If there are 3 mages among allies in battle, gain Invisibility on all allied mages for 1 turn. Cruelle gains 5 Speed for each allied mage in Invisibility

Previously: If there are 3 allied defenders on the battlefield at the end of Cruelles turn, all allied defenders get a Tenacity Increase for 1 turn. If there are 3 allied healers, all allied healers gain Cheat Death for 1 turn. If there are 3 allied tacticians, all allied tacticians gain Haste for 1 turn. If there are 3 allied warriors, all allied warriors gain Counterattack for 1 turn. If there are 3 allied rangers, all allied rangers get an Accuracy Increase for 1 turn. If there are 3 allied mages, all allied mages gain Invisibility for 1 turn

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