Dragon Champions: Patch Notes ver. 1.4.40

February 20

Hello Сhampions,
We are happy to introduce the second update of February. This patch will have something that you’ve been really asking us to do, and we are thrilled to announce this - the 2% base Dodge is gone from the game!
Sometimes one single dodge could change the course of the battle, and we saw how frustrating it might get, so we decided to remove it from the game completely.
Yes, you got it right, the base Dodge is no more! And besides that we also have cool things for you - that includes some bug squashing, new heroes, updated hero models and other improvements.
Here’s what’s new in the update 1.4.40:
- Archi & Ro (Clans, Halfpig, Ranger) - will become available soon
- Tobald (Oder, Dwarf, Ranger) - available from Hunting Season from March 1
- Removed base 2% Dodge from all heroes
- Added a new level up animation
- Added an ‘Update Teams’ button in the Battlegrounds - if you upgrade your teams after you have registered for the Battlegrounds, you can tap this button, and your teams will be updated to their current state
- Added a Wukong Personal Challenge
- Tromgar has received a new hero model
Bug Fixes:
- Addressed and issue with Thalanne’s 3d ability not applying Ability Block if Kirri was on the opponent’s team
- Addressed the issue when Rantha couldn’t perform her 2nd ability if there wasn’t any space left but Battlepooh was already on the battlefield
- Other small fixes and improvements
And one more thing!
With this update we have merged some old Arena shards in order to make this mode more competitive, bringing active players together for fun and engaging battles. So thanks again for your patience and support champions!
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