Dragon Champions: Patch Notes ver. 1.3.34

November 12

Greetings, champions!
In this week’s small but very important update we are focusing on fixes and are adding improvements based on your requests.
Many of you have asked us to add notifications to the Battlegrounds - we are adding them with this update, so now you won’t be missing out - if you forgot to register or set defences, we will notify you about that.
We have heard your feedback about the Tournaments and how demotivating it felt to lose your score bonus upon defeat. Starting this update the score bonus will only drop by 0.25 if you lose, instead of dropping to the nearest whole number, so you will be able to bring it back up again quickly.
Here’s what’s new in update 1.3.34:
✶ Tournament score bonus now drops by 0.25 per loss instead of dropping to the nearest whole number
✶ Added a timer for Personal Hero challenges tickets, and added a sword icon as a marker to see if there is a challenge available for the hero
✶ Added notifications to the Battlegrounds - we will let you know if you forgot to register or set defences
✶ You can now see how many times your camp was attacked on the Battlegrounds
✶ Added new event for beginner players to help them get to know the game better and win awesome rewards
✶ Rearranged some Epic gear items drop in final chapters of Campaign mode
✶ Added new hero models for Nightiel and Solius
✶ Improved hero models for Zerra and Yogi
Removed Hallowdays decorations from the game
Bug fixes:
✶ Fixed an autobattle issue that occurred when Cruelle was on the team
✶ Fixed an issue that caused an error while upgrading or levelling up heroes
✶ Fixed an issue when Master Duo stopped being immune to Blind after resurrection
✶ Fixed Sergeant Pigwald’s Charge effect, it now works as designed and cannot be prevented or removed
✶ Fixed Shadar’s leadership ability that mistakenly provided 25% more than once per turn
✶ Fixed Alyria’s 3rd ability - the healing now applies even if she misses the attack
✶ Fixed the following Artifacts abilities: Caustic Broth (Uncommon), Lenses of Productivity (Uncommon), Bell of Reaction (Common), Bells of Reaction (Uncommon), Nobleman's Curse(Rare), Cup of Cheer (Uncommon)
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