Dragon Champions: Patch Notes ver. 1.2.41 - coming this week!

August 26

New difficulty tier for Erochar’s Madness Guild Raid, and even new looks for Erochar himself! New Season, new hero, balance improvements for Buff, bug squashing, and enhanced visual effects - all in this week’s patch!
  • New difficulty tier for heroic Guild Raid Erochar’s Madness VIII - a true challenge for the experienced guilds with better rewards
  • Erochar the Dragon now has several new looks for every difficulty level of the Erochar’s Madness Guild Raid
  • Season of Arrows begins September 1st
  • Korador welcomes new hero - Garrett (Order, Human, Fighter, Ranger), available from Season of Arrows and a special season chest
  • Enhanced visuals for new heroes’ summoning
Balance changes:
Removed Stun from Possible debuffs in Dice Throw ability
Removed Taunt from Possible buffs in Dice Throw ability
Alliance of Winds (passive ability)
Increases Magic Damage by 30%. If Boreas is in the party when the battle starts, Kaggie and Boreas both gain Dodge Increase for 2 turns (used to be Damage Increase for 2 turns)
Erochar Madness Guild Raid:
Balance Changes for Erochar Madness Guild Raid:
- Increased Potency for guild bosses in Erochar Madness from 10% for Tier 1 to 80% for Tier 8
-Erochar the Dragon is now immune to Blind in T7
- Increased Tenacity by 10% for T7 Raid Bosses
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed x10 Premium Chest bonus dracoins that were not being added properly
  • Fixed the Equip All button
  • Event Chest now remains visible until the end of the event
  • Fixed crashes that occurred upon opening Artifact Chests

Garrett (Order, Human, Fighter, Ranger)

Surprise-arrow (Basic Ability)
  • Deals 300% of Physical Damage to an enemy. Applies the effect of a pulled arrow
Dangerous volley (2nd ability, cooldown 4/4)
  • Deals 300% of Physical Damage to all enemies. Applies the effect of a pulled arrow
Flare (3d ability, cooldown 3/4)
  • Removes all effects of Invisibility from enemies, Blinds all enemies for 1 turn, Garrett and all allies receive an Accuracy Increase for 2 turns, Garrett and Eric Shieldbreaker receive a Crit Damage Increase and Crit Chance Increase for 2 turns
Royal armory (Passive ability)
  • At the end of his turn, Garrett pulls out a random arrow from his quiver. Possible arrows: Sharp arrow inflicts a bleeding effect. Fire arrow inflicts a burning effect. Poison arrow inflicts a poison effect. Daze arrow inflicts a daze effect. Ice arrow inflicts a slow effect.
    Effects last 2 turns. Anti-mage arrow removes all buffs.
    If Eric Shieldbreaker is on the battlefield, Garrett and Eric both gain an additional 10% Health and 10 Speed

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