Dragon Champions: Patch Notes ver. 1.1.180

June 17

Hello Champions!
We continue working hard on the big update with Battlegrounds mode and artifacts, as we told you about recently. That patch was also supposed to contain some highly requested new features and tweaks. We decided to drop them in this small update so that you can already benefit from them while the work on the new mode continues.
This week’s patch consists mostly from features and tweaks that you, our awesome players, have suggested to us. We want to thank you for being so supportive and involved! Thanks for your cool suggestions and requests, they help us make the game better with every new update. And here’s the list of what’s new in ver. 1.1.180:
  • We’ve been listening to your feedback on the new power calculation formula closely, and have decided to give the Tower some changes: now the system will try to exclude identical teams starting from the 1st floor (used to be from the 7th)
    Also now the opponents in the Hard Tower will be slightly weaker than before
  • Tweaked the Golden Chest drop chances: lowered the chance to get 250K by 5% and increased the chance to get 500K by 5%
  • Added chapter 9 to Runic Campaign - you can now find 3* grey and green Runes there
  • Added a highly requested Guild Raid registration feature, you can now choose the starting time as you launch the raid
  • Tournaments are now available for players from level 16, and we’ve also added Tournaments for new players. These Tournaments have simplified requirements for levels 16-23 and 24-29
  • Tournament qualification was removed from the game and replaced by registration. Now you can register for a Tournament before it begins. As soon as it starts - all registered players will be randomly put into battle groups
  • Implemented cooldown for Guild Raid rewards pickup. Now if you’ve received a raid reward, you can only receive the next one as soon as the timer runs out. The timer can be seen in the Guild Raids menu
  • Updated character models for Old Loor
  • Season of Feathers begins July 1st
  • Korador welcomes a new hero - Roxy (Clans, Pride, Healer), available from the Season of Feathers
  • AI Tweaks: from now on Snorri will use his 3d ability once per battle;
  • Solius will prioritize the target with lower HP when using his 3d skill
  • Selena will prioritize the target with lower HP when using her 2nd skill
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Thalanne’s leadership ability - now it has an effect on her as well.
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