Dragon Champions: Patch Notes 1.4.55

March 30

Hello Сhampions! 
In the second update of March we are adding extra points for wins on the 2nd and 3d attempt in the Battlegrounds, fixing some nasty bugs, introducing new heroes to the game and anticipating Easter that will bring a lot of activities to take part in, and lots of awesome prizes to win. Happy egg hunting!
Here’s what’s new in the update 1.4.55:
• General:
- New hero - Sabator (Clans, Orc, Healer) - available from Easter activities
- New hero - Niya (Order, Human, Warrior) - available from Season of Sun starting April 1st
- Easter is coming to Korador - take part in competitive and special events, Tournament, earn Eastercoins and spend them on epic items and herostones in the special Easter Shop
• Balance changes:
- Battlegrounds: you will now get 15 points for winning on the 2nd attempt and 10 points for winning on the 3d attempt
• Bug fixes:
Returned Runic Energy to free daily energy daily quest
Fixed the error that sometimes occurred upon opening in daily quests
Other small fixes and improvements
New heroes:
Niya (Order, Human, Warrior)
Protuberance (Basic Ability)
Deals 230% Physical Damage to an enemy. If the target has Taunt, deals additional 230% Physical Damage to other random enemy
Fury of the Desert Sun (2nd Ability, cool down 3/4)
Deals 220% Physical Damage to all enemies. Randomly rearranges all effects of Taunt and Invisibility on enemies who received damage. Ignores tenacity. If position of buffs hasn't changed, Niya restores 15% turn meter
Sword Dance (3 Ability, cool down 3/3)
Gains a Crit Damage Increase, a Tenacity Increase, a Damage Increase and a Dodge Increase for 2 turns. If Selena is in the party, she gains same effects. If Niya is at full health she restores 30% turn meter
Burning Sun (Passive Ability)
Enemy with the biggest maximum health who received damage, receive additional damage equal to 5% of his health. This damage ignores armor. Enemies afflicted by Taunt can't dodge Niya's attacks. If Selena is in the party, she gains same advantages
Sabator (Clans, Orc, Healer)
From the Void (Basic Ability)
Deals 200% Magical Damage to an enemy. If the target received damage to its Health, inflicts Buff Immunity for 1 turn
Special Herbs (2nd Ability, cool down 2/3)
Heals all allies for 450% of Sabator's Magical Damage. Allies with full health and no debuffs instead get Shield equal to 225% of Sabator's Magical Damage. Applies Potency Increase to allied orcs for 2 turns
Beneath My Wing (3d Ability, cool down 2/4)
Removes 2 debuffs from himself. Applies to himself and 4 allies Armor Increase for 2 turns. Applies to himself and Hardorc Debuff Immunity for 2 turns. Inflicts Slow for 2 turns to all enemies afflicted by Ability Block or Buff Immunity
Malevolence (Passive Ability)
Sabator gains 10% Magical Damage increase for each enemy afflicted at least by 1 debuff
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