Dragon Champions: Patch Notes 1.4.49 - coming this week

March 11

Spring is coming to Korador!
To celebrate the season our heroes will be holding a Health Day festival - get to meet whole two new Healer heroes this month who will keep your squad healthy and ready for any battle.
Take part in festive activities later this month to get some awesome prizes and rare items!
We’ve been listening to your recent feedback and assessing the performance of the Tower, and in this update we are rebalancing its difficulty.
Besides that, we are squashing some nasty bugs and implementing new features and QoL improvements.
Here’s what’s new in the update 1.4.49 that is coming this week:
- New Hero - Rawley (Order, Dwarf, Healer) - soon to become available in the game!
- Bar&Rel herostones have been added to the Battlegrounds Shop
- Rebalanced Normal and Hard Tower - it will now be easier to complete
- Added personal challenges to Zappy and Bar & Rel
- Your saved defence teams roster in the Battlegrounds is now saved and carried over to the next season - no need to set it all from scratch when the new season begins
- Health Day begins March 20th - take part in competitive and special events, Tournament, earn special Healthcoins and spend them on epic items and herostones in the special Health Day Shop
- Competitive events will now have a review time that will last one day after the event has ended. Thus you will be able to see who’s the winner!
- Ads for bonus energy have been removed from the game.
All champions will now get 120 campaign energy and 30 runic energy 3 times a day without having to watch video ads. And players who have made purchases in the game for $5 or more, are going to get a 60 bonus campaign energy and 30 runic energy on top of that
- Rantha and Korkhrim has received new hero models
Balance Changes:
- Rebalanced Patriarch Qi 1st personal challenge
Bug fixes:
- Addressed issues in Competitive events quests
- Addressed issues with player rankings display - they are now showing the correct placings
- Other small fixes and improvements
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