Dragon Champions: Hot Fix notes 1.3.51

December 7

Ho-Ho-Hot Fix!
Greetings, Champions!
Last week we were hard at work preparing this hotfix update. Along with the fixes, we also implemented some highly requested UI tweaks, and improvements for the Battlegrounds - including matchmaking that will now prioretize the opponents who are not members of the same guild, and the improved defense team auto fill - now no one will rob you of the precious points by settings incomplete defense teams.
Here is a list of fixes in the update 1.3.51:
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed the app crashing on iOS 12.2 and earlier.
- Fixed Thalanne’s leadership ability - now it is not randomly recharging Passive and Leadership abilities.
- Fixed an error that appeared after auto assigning runes while having full runes inventory.
- Fixed the Upgrade marker lighting up when the personal hero challenge was available, but no other upgrades have been.
- The game will now remember if you prefer auto-assign or manual rune assign mode.
- Fixed the issue that prevented new players from collecting the reward for Competition of New Champions.
- You can now see total stats boost in Rune recommendations mode.
- Added new markers for the gear items to help you find them easier - you can now see a Magnifier icon if there is a campaign node available where you can find this item.
- Improved Battlegrounds matchmaking.
- We will now send you an in-game mail before every Battlegrounds phase just in case you don’t forget to register, set defense, and attack the opponent.
Added auto fill for non full teams on defense in the Battlegrounds
- Fixed Lake’s 2nd ability - it is now working according to description.
- Guild search system now offer by default even more suitable guilds for the new players.
- Various UI fixes.
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