Dragon Champions: Battlegrounds 3.0 - coming soon!

July 21

Greetings, Champions!
Today we want to share more details about the revamped Battlegrounds mode that we’ve been working so hard on lately.
As we mentioned earlier, the new Battlegrounds will be an asymmetrical and tactical mode. We realized that the real-time gameplay was stressful for the majority of champions, so we are removing this element from the mode.
The Battlegrounds map layout will receive some changes as well, so now the lands will be evenly assigned between you and your opponent - no more rushing to get all the best spots, and the internet or reaction speed won’t matter - you have your lands from the start.
The new Battlegrounds are going to consist of three phases.
Each phase lasts for 24 hours
  • Registration/matchmaking phase - during which you can register for the Battlegrounds.
Now you won’t have to wait for hours to be matched with the suitable opponent who’s online at the same moment as you are, since there are whole 24 hours to find you one especially for you.
  • Defence phase - during this phase you and your opponent are setting the defences on the Battlegrounds.
    You won’t see what teams your opponent is placing and where, but you will be able to examine their roster and try to predict their actions.
Both of you will have 24 hours to think about your strategy and choose your teams. And no more boring AFK matches, or losing because somebody missed a notification or just left the device alone - everyone is playing at their own pace and at the moment they prefer during the phase.
  • Attack phase - time to battle! Now you can see your opponent’s lands and teams, and your goal is to defeat as many teams as you can. Take your time, you have a whole 24h to come up with your offensive strategy, think it through, and do your best to win!
The scoring system will also be revamped:
The points will no longer be withdrawn upon defeat. We know it was demoralizing for a lot of you, so we decided to get rid of this.
Instead, you will now get points not only for the victory but also for certain actions and achievements during the Battlegrounds match - so even if you are scared to lose - don’t give up - you will get all the points you’ve earned during the battle at the end of the match.
For example, you will get extra points for the defence you’ve set, for a camp you’ve defeated, and even for things like defeating the opposing team at the first attempt, the number of heroes survived after the attack, etc.
You can try a more artistic approach to the battle, like, try beating the opposing team with a single hero, or try to keep your heroes’ shields and hp full by the end of the battle, and get extra points for that too!
The Battlegrounds seasons will still last for 30 days, but now that the battles will be less frequent, the reward for winning the match is going to increase dramatically!
We know there are some of you who enjoyed the existing, fast-paced Battlegrounds.

We have good news for you too - we plan to keep them in the game as a standalone and just-for-fun mode that you can hop into if you’re looking for some action gameplay.
We cannot wait for you to see and try the revamped Battlegrounds, and are working hard on finishing it so you can play it!
Tell us what you think about the changes, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions about the new Battlegrounds.
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