Dragon Champions: 1 Year Anniversary and HaflSiege Announcement

September 30

Greetings, champions!🐲
September 30 marks Dragon Champions one-year anniversary! 🎂🥳
It’s been a wild, interesting and challenging year for us. Unfortunately our plans were affected by the world’s situation, and we were unable to deliver as much as we have initially planned. Yet we never gave up, and continued working hard on the game and bringing the cool new stuff for you to play with.
We do not plan on stopping - we have so many more great things planned: new modes with unique mechanics, fascinating new heroes, engaging events and challenges.
We have a plethora of ideas and plans that we cannot wait to share with you, our favorite players.
We are very grateful to the Dragon Champions community - it’s unbelievable how many awesome and engaged people have gathered here, and we cannot express how much we value every one of you. 💚
Thank you so much for your care, love, and support, for sharing your wonderful ideas with our team and for helping us to make the game better.
We would like to congratulate you all, and are happy to announce the festivities! 🎇
The long-awaited goblin healer Thanessa finally makes her appearance in the game!
Don’t forget to pick up a free anniversary gift offer to summon her.
More Thanessa herostones will be available from a Special Event, Special Offer, and as a reward in a Special Anniversary Tournament with no restrictions and no requirements — let’s go wild!
Happy anniversary to you, champions!
Grab a piece of cake and hurry to the game! 🍰
Oh! And there is one more thing we want to share with you….
Hurry up and check this out!
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