Dragon Champions: Battlegrounds F.A.Q.

April 21

Thank you so much for submitting the questions and for your lively discussions. We are watching them closely, and we will be also looking at the feedback after initial tests, so there might be some changes in BG rules based on it.
Today we are happy to answer some most common questions about Battlegrounds:
Q: What about time zones?
A: Battlegrounds will be available to launch whenever you want to launch them.
Q: What if a guild member goes AFK/offline/leaves the guild/gets a phone call in the middle of the match?
A: If they leave during the active BG battle, it will be harder for your team to win since they will no longer be taking part in the battles unless they come back. However, if they set a strong defense team, it will be alright.
Q: How many times a day can BG be launched? What’s the cost?
A: There will be a limit on how many times per day you can launch Battlegrounds. We are now thinking what this limit is going to be.
Q: Do we have to go with different guildmates or can we take the same ones?
A: You create a party, and your guild members join you in the lobby.
Q: Will there gonna be a friend list feature?
A: Not at the moment of BG launch, but will most certainly be implemented in the future.
Q: Will there be a team management (team presets) feature?
A: We’re working on it, but it is going to be released some time later after Battlegrounds release.
Q: How will matchmaking work?
A: It will be based on BG ranking and total collection power, and we will also do our best to avoid situations where high level powerful players are matched with less powerful ones.
Q: What about the alliances - how will matchmaking work with them?
A: We cannot influence players' behavior if they’re forming multiguild alliances, but we don’t think that this is gonna affect BG in any way.
Q: How do we assemble a team? Are there gonna be private messages in the game or BG chats?
A: You can simply ask around in the guild chat. When entering BG mode you will be able to see what teams are being assembled within your guild.
Q: Will the rewards in BG shop be exclusive?
A: Most likely.
Q: Will I be able to reuse defeated champions?
A: After fighting a battle the heroes will get tired, and you won’t be able to use them for some time. You will be able to use the same teams in Battlegrounds several times.
Q: Is the BG rankings for prestige purposes or more rewards driven?
A: The higher your ranking is, the cooler rewards you get. And the coolest rewards will be at the end of the season.
Q: Will the servers manage the high load BG can cause? Is it going to be ok?
A: It’s going to be ok
Q: I’m concerned about players who have more free time than me will succeed in this mode. Will it force me to be a no life guy?
A: Battlegrounds will have several kinds of durations - short ones that take 30 minutes, and longer ones that will last during the whole day.
Q: I’m the strongest one in the guild, my guildmates are way behind me. What do I do?
A: The groups will be created based on similar power, so if you’re the only one in the guild of that power - invite friends who are as strong as you are to your guild.
Q: Will there be brackets like in Tournaments?
A: There won’t be brackets, but thanks to matchmaking you will be playing with opponents of similar power.
Q: Will certain lands give advantage to certain races/factions?
A: Not at the initial launch of Battlegrounds, but there most probably might be in the future.
Q: How many defence teams can one player set?
A: After you win a battle, you need to set one defence team. You cannot leave a land point without defence.
Q: Will there be any notifications about losing a territory?
A: Yes, you will be able to see ongoing battles on the map as well as what points are taken by your team and the opponent team.
Q: If the territory was taken, would my defence team return?
A: Yes.
Q: Can a team be matched with a team from the same guild or only from the other guilds?
A: Yes, in theory you can be matched with a team from your guild. However, the priority will be given to teams from other guilds.
Q: Will the rewards be given only for winning, or will the total gained points be taken into account?
A: The rewards will be divided into reward tiers based on BG ranking.
Q: When the team has conquered the land can you win it back?
A: You can win the land back by winning all the 3 battles on this land.
Q: Why 3v3? What happens with 25th guildie?
A: Battleground rules will change from season to season and in some seasons we’ll have 2v2 or 4v4 Battlegrounds. We will be watching how players are playing this mode, and will also listen to the feedback closely. It is also highly unlikely that all 25 guild members will be online at the same time and no one goes AFK.
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