A Little Update About the Battlegrounds and Artifacts

June 9

Hello Champions!
Many of you have been wondering how things are with the anticipated Battlegrounds mode, so we wanted to share some news with you.
We’ve studied the feedback provided by our beta testers and by you really closely - thank you all so much for that, had multiple internal play tests as well, and came to the conclusion that the current iteration of Battlegrounds and Artifacts does not look as we want it to.
After some discussion, we’ve made a decision to rework both Artifacts and Battlegrounds based on that feedback and our conclusions to make them more exciting to play.
We’ve taken a look at how transparent and comprehensible the Artifact system was and if it was fun and exciting to play with them. After that we came to a conclusion that not only they need a do-over but also that we will need more of them than we initially planned. Moreover, every Artifact is going to have a unique passive ability - this will provide even more customisation options for you. We will also change the Artifacts upgrade process, and will share more news about this later.
Now, on to the Battlegrounds tweaks.
We realise that some of you are anxious about how possible it would be to get your guild mates team up for BGs. Thus we have changed the matchmaking so that you can form teams with players outside of your guild as well.
We have also thought about those of you who are excited to play the new mode but are not ready for longer play sessions, or don’t have a big enough roster for competitive 3v3 battles. And this is why we have decided to make a 1v1 Battlegrounds mode!
The ranking system will be the same for both 1v1 and 3v3 battle modes, however, you will be getting more points for 3v3 battles. The rewards for both modes will most likely be the same.
To participate in Battlegrounds you will require special tickets that will be restored weekly. These tickets will be the same both for 1v1 and 3v3 battle modes.
Battlegrounds sessions will have a time limit - we understand that everyone has real lives and cannot spend their whole lives in the game.
We are planning to divide Battlegrounds based on the player's total power - the higher your total power is, the more battles you will be taking part in. Thus, the game mode will adapt to your current power and progress.
In the future, probably not in the first BG season, we want to implement a partial progress between BG seasons. That way if you’ve finished the season in the Platinum league, you start the next season in Golden league and not from scratch.
We want to release exciting quality content for you to play. This is the reason why we are not rushing it, making sure that everything works well, and is properly designed and tested. Sadly, due to that we will not be able to deliver this as soon as possible, but we are planning to release it in a few weeks.
Hopefully you liked this news and are ever more excited to see what we’ve been working on.
Please stay tuned as we will be sharing more news about BGs and Artifacts!
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